We create

identity, we build brands and develop integrated communication through concept development, creative direction and graphic design.

We are

Martin & Stefan two mavericks from diverse professional backgrounds and yet an equal affinity for honest design and brand communication. Our combination of expertise in business strategy, marketing and graphic design was and still is the key of our work at Baubauwerk. And together we strive for one goal: To create unique brand identity voices and experiences. In 2015 we opened the doors to our studio in Berlin and are happy to work with you.

Branding & Design

is a distinctive and strategic criteria of success. However an integrated & holistic brand experience remains an exception.

We, at Baubauwerk engage in the powerful combination of concept development, creative direction and graphic design to create identity, drive brands and carve out integrated communication measures.


Branding is where you start

Means creating a visual identity, an image. It is indeed about capturing the spirit and personality of a brand – listen to its voice, feel its ambitions, define its believes. Only then we begin to assemble all vital components and combine those with corresponding design to eventually see the big picture of a brand. Thereby we set our objective to always be one step ahead by creating unique, remarkable and distinguishable identities and experience for your brand.

Print will never die

We simply love print. We love everything about it: the look and feel, the smell, the actual physical interaction that you have when you hold a printed medium in your hands and most, the fun we have creating it. even in our digital age Ii offers us room for experiments and endless possibilities like no other medium. We create and print posters, stickers, catalogues, magazines, stationary and for the purpose browse all imaginable varieties of papers, print qualities and designs to make it not just print, but exceptional print.

Web is a necessity

Web presence became as essential as the air we breathe. It generates awareness on a scale that is impossible to reach with conventional media. Our first client website went on air almost 10 years ago. Since then we dedicate ourselves to explore the limitless possibilities the web offers. Therefore we at Baubauwerk work closely together with a team of incredibly talented programmers and developers. They happen to exactly translate our designs & ideas into outstanding websites, online shops or even apps. Our overall goal during the process is to create a seamless user experience from end to end and offer clients turn key projects.


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