Branding is where you start and where you finish. When we are asked to create a visual identity or just an image we try to capture the true or intended spirit and personality of the brand. We listen to its voices, we feel its ambitions, we define its beliefs. Only then we begin to assemble all vital components and combine those with corresponding design to eventually see the big picture of a brand. Thereby we set our objective to always be one step ahead by creating unique, remarkable and distinguishable identities and experiences for our client’s brand.

Define your brand. Whether business card, stationery, flyer, brochure or website. Before we create your branding materials, let’s take time to understand how you can make your business distinct from others.

What business are you in?

Who you are, what you do and how you do it. To help you in this step, you can try finding three words that best describe your company. Then, you can reflect on how you want to be known in your field. You would then need to determine your company’s mission as well as core values. Finally, you want to decide the difference that your business can make in the industry.

Determine your ideal client.

At this step, you want to define your prospective clients. Know the gender, age, education level, socio-economic status, and their needs, problems or desires. It might be helpful to know what other brands they’re also interested in.

Establish your brand’s individuality.

There’s a big chance that there are other businesses offering products or services like yours. It’s a fiercely competitive world and the best thing to do is to make your brand stand out. Think about a strong reason why your customers should choose you over others. It’s important to include your brand’s individuality in your branding materials.

At Baubauwerk we can help you with all the above. Wether we conduct workshops with your management or we have discussion rounds with you to determine your mission statement and carve out your USPs. That’s what we call „concept development”. Only when you have trust in the concept we have developed with you we will put our hands to work and start creating your branding materials.

You have all the above? Perfect! Share it with us and we can go directly to work. Creating your branding materials.

The development of a logo, symbol or logotype is the supreme discipline of every branding and design studio. Ultimately, all preparatory work, discussions, concepts and strategic considerations flow into one form that expresses everything. The successful brand – hard work but also pure joy.

Whether we design business cards, flyer, websites or poster for you we will always ask for an existing brand identity kit in order to keep and maintain brand consistency across all brand touch points, when it comes to the most business-critical visual assets and information, such as where to find logos, how to use them, approved color pallets, typography styles, and other visual elements.