Brand Strategy & Creative Direction

Martin Groeger, brand strategist and creative director at Baubauwerk.


Martin, after graduating from Business School worked himself up the ranks within famous Japanese Mitsui. One of the largest general trading companies in the world. Learning the language working and living in Tokyo. Flying around the globe for them. The whole thing working as an international manager for a blue chip company. Leaving them in 2004 as the youngest VP in the companies history in order to start Germanys first venture capital backed messaging and artist platform Dropmobile out of Berlin. After 6 years he sold this business and founded Jpeople Magazine, a dynamic, colourful collection of pure publishing joy that raised its head 2 times a year and sold in 15 countries around the world. Then in 2015, together with his friend and partner Stefan Lucut who was the Art Director for the magazine put up the branding and design boutique Baubauwerk.


I believe in the power of brands. I am driven by good design, good and truthful communication, the strategy behind which leads to it and the continuous effort in building the brand. Like a good wine or even better a great personality. You feel the difference of quality when you are in touch with the final product. There is only one truth, and no way out. Good or bad stuff. Just love it. That’s what is driving me.


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